Nowa Konfederacja

„Nowa Konfederacja” is probably the first thinkzine in the world. It is a new form of expert and journalistic institution at the same time. This enables, on the one hand, a better collection and creation of specialist knowledge than before, and, on the other hand, a more effective work on the comprehensive description of public reality.

The mission of the “Nowa Konfederacja” thinkzine is to create knowledge that allows to understand and prepare for the epochal political transformations of our time, and to form an elite capable of coping with the challenges associated with it. In the spirit of classical culture, Polish republican tradition, political realism. Our publishing house also operates within this framework, the objectives of which also include:
– introducing new, talented authors to the book market,
– enabling ideas important for Poland to emerge in the publishing house,
– recalling and popularizing the classics of Polish and world political thought.

We also run the “Nowa Konfederacja” Bookshop, where you can find books selected by us.