Małopolski Fundusz Rozwoju

Małopolski Fundusz Rozwoju (MFR) was founded in October 2017. It is a specialized regional institution whose mission is to provide an effective management and distribution system for repayable assistance to Maopolska micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Maopolska local government units (JST). The Fund provides loans as well as guarantees. Support is provided either directly or indirectly through entity operating loan or guarantee funds. The Fund’s operations are supported by funds returned from financial engineering instruments under the MRPO 2007-2013. Furthermore, on August 19, this year, the MFR reached an agreement with the Voivodeship of Małopolska. MFR reached an agreement with the Maopolskie Voivodeship to fund the project ‘Financial instruments for Maopolska SMEsunder RPO WM Measure 14.2 ‘REACT-EU for the economyfinancial instruments for SMEs.’ The project’s goal, which is funded by EU funds, is to put in place a financial instrument to help the SME sector invest in order to adapt to crisis conditions.