Małopolska is the heart of Poland – historical, cultural and economic. It is one of Poland’s most beautiful and attractive regions, with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks, as well as rich deposits of mineral waters. Malopolska is not just monuments, it also has a unique culinary heritage. Oscypek, bundz, zatorski carp, suska sechlońska – these flavors distinguish the region!

The strength of the region lies in its huge economic potential, the development of entrepreneurship and modern technologies, as well as its constantly expanding infrastructure. The directions of activities are set by the Voivodeship Development Strategy “Małopolska 2030”, and the constant increase of innovation is possible thanks to the functioning within the system of seven Małopolska smart specializations. All of this makes the region an attractive place to invest and develop business.

Małopolska focuses on tourism, healthy living and sustainable development in every aspect of life ( Thanks to the region’s ever-improving sports infrastructure, we host many sporting events that provide an opportunity to realize the ambitions of the country’s and the world’s best athletes. The hospitable and unique atmosphere leaves our guests with a sense of harmony and strength to realize their dreams. Malopolska is recommended for people who like to spend their time actively.

It is Malopolska’s people who are the region’s greatest asset. It is here that they have excellent conditions for developing their talents, getting an education at excellently prepared universities, raising their competencies, and then starting families and finding work.

Małopolska is a region of equal opportunities and comprehensive development. We are responsible for the region’s natural resources, cultural heritage and identity, as well as its continued development. In Małopolska, we bravely combine tradition with modernity.