Strategic Partner of Krynica Forum 2023

The State Forests were established in 1924. This is the largest organization in the EU that manages public forests owned by the National Treasury. The State Forests' units operate at the national, regional, and local levels. They employ nearly 26 thousand people. The State Forests manage the area covering one – fourth of Poland – its precious part covered by forests. The State Forests work on a self-financing basis in accordance with the regulations of the Forest Act.

In carrying out their mission, the State Forests address the requirements of the economy, society, as well as self-government and the local community. The fulfilment of these expectations requires the State Forests to be an agile, well-managed organization that employs highly qualified experts and utilizes modern tools and methods. It should be effective in terms of economy and oriented towards superior values such as responsibility, openness, and professionalism.


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