Prelegenci Krynica Forum ’22

Volodymyr Taftay

Szef Państwowej Agencji Kosmicznej Ukrainy

Born on March 31, 1974 in Myhiya, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk State University, major in automation and control in technical systems.

04.1997-04.2009 – Leading Specialist, YUZHMASH Machine-Building Plant State Enterprise.
07.2009-06.2016 – Supply and Quality Manager, Alcantara Cyclone Space binational company.
05.2018-06.2018 – Commercial Director, TOV NVP Reatron.
06.2018-07.2019 – Deputy Director for Development and Innovation, YUZHMASH Machine-Building Plant State Enterprise, Pavlohrad Mechanical Plant.
07.2019-09.2020 – Head of Space Activities Coordination Section, Strategic Development Department, Security and Defense Sector, Ministry for Development of Economy and Trade of Ukraine.
09.2020-02.2021 – Vice President for Corporate Management, ANTONOV State Enterprise.
Since 03.2021 – Head of State Space Agency of Ukraine.

Speaks English. Married, has two children.