“Krynica Forum ’22 – Growth and Reconstruction” is an international event bringing together business, politics and the world of science. In Krynica, we will create a platform to discuss the most important socio-economic issues and together define the directions of development for Poland and Europe.

From today (14.09) to (18.10) you can register for the Krynica Forum. You can choose between two types of participation: Basic and VIP. In addition, we encourage you to purchase a ticket for the Gala, which will take place on October 20 during the conference. Tickets are available for: 1, 2 or 3 days.

Registration for the events ensures participation in interesting discussions within 5 thematic streams focused on the most current issues: security and geopolitics, economy of change, energy and climate, future society, health trends.


ONLY until 26.09 Early Bird tickets even 700 PLN cheaper!



October 19-21, let’s jointly define the directions of development for Poland and Europe. Let’s meet in Krynica Zdroj.



* Representatives of the scientific sector, NGOs and students – are entitled to a 100% discount code. The number of free tickets is limited – contact us office@krynicaforum.pl.

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