Strategic Partner of Krynica Forum 2023

Krakow is a tourist, congress and scientific center, but also an important business center. The city bases its development on intelligent management as well as the creativity and energy of its inhabitants, and by cooperating with business and the scientific and research community, it promotes innovation and the development of a knowledge-based economy. Krakow is a modern city, offering a friendly and functional public space, access to a rich cultural, sports and recreational offer - it is simply a city where you want to live.

Krakow actively cooperates with business and the scientific and research community: for several years now, the city has been the European leader in terms of attractiveness for the modern business services (BSS) industry, and recently also for research and development centres. Financial institutions, companies from the high-tech sector invest in Poland, and startups are also thriving. At virtually every level, all these industries – from the sole proprietorship to global brands – are constantly developing new areas and bet on innovation. A strong BSS sector near Wawel consists of over 260 companies employing nearly 100,000 people. people in the IT, services, research and development, business analytics and finance sectors. Its development is also favored by the availability of office space, the stock of which has quadrupled in a few years - currently it is 1.75 million m².

An important asset of the city is science and education: a thriving academic center with nearly 130,000 students. students studying at 23 universities, high-level staff and developed scientific and research infrastructure. It is also worth noting that we belong to a small group of Polish cities where the population is growing; according to estimates, at least one million inhabitants live and work here.

In a competitive, global market, our city still attracts young people and specialists who want to develop their talents here. Wide development and career opportunities are offered not only by global corporations or research and development centers, but also by the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. Ambitious and creative people get a chance here for a good start and development of their talents, at the same time many companies expand their activities, and new players join the building of the local economy.

Our common goal is for business to develop freely in a friendly, modern and safe city, and for the services, products and modern technologies it offers to serve everyone; above all, we try to make Krakow a good place to live for all its inhabitants.



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